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PRO XF Flanged

Available in  DN80 and DN100 port sizes, the PRO XF Flanged range includes Dust Filters, Particulate Filters, Oil Vapour Filters and Water Separators.

The PRO XF is available in both complete and module filters which, when combined, deliver a compact and cost effective multi-banked filtration solution that is up to 65% lighter and 45% smaller than traditional fabricated flanged filters.

Complete filters can be utilised as individual filters, or multi-banked to filter modules by using slim-line connectors rather than threaded connection ports - ensuring the entire air filtration system requires only one set of inlet and outlet ports. The compact and flexible modular design is ideal for use in multi compressor installations and skid based packages.

Ease of installation and maintenance has been fundamental in the design of PRO XF to provide a reduced servicing downtime by up to 80% when compared to conventional fabricated vessels. The top loading design provides easy access to the filter element and eliminates the need to remove bolts and the drain, dramatically reducing service time.

PRO XF’s unique filter elements are designed to deliver optimum performance in line with the highest standards of air purity, when tested in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010.