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Medical Sterile Filters

Medical Sterile Filters

Medical Sterile filters have been specifically designed and manufactured for medical compressed air plants use in hospitals throughout the world.  Our range of Medical Sterile filters meet all requirements of the medical gas pipeline systems specification. Medical Sterile Compressed Air filters are constructed from the highest quality materials.  The filtration range is 100% integrity tested before shipment.  This filtration system provides particle removal down to 0.01 micron with a DOP penetration of less than 0.0001%.

Manufactured from durable cast aluminum alloy, the filters offer enhanced strength and robustness and feature the Walker E-Coat™ finish for corrosion protection. The optimized modular design allows for multiple close coupling and is simple to install and maintain.

Medical Sterile filter elements are guaranteed for a minimum of 100 steam sterilizations at 248°F (120°C); each element must be autoclaved before being used.

Elements are constructed with stainless steel end caps for compatibility with autoclave sterilization.  Each filter element is supplied with an Air Sterilization Certificate to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.


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